Modernize your purchasing processes.

Place orders, control spend, and submit payment across all your vendors.

Centralized purchasing

Securely link your online and offline vendor accounts and never purchase from vendors individually again. Order from one catalog and submit one cart, set budgets and view analytics on one dashboard, and get invoices from and remit payment to one entity.

Real-time spend visibility and control

Live spend analytics filterable by user, location, product category, vendor, and more. Set budgets and require approvals to eliminate all rogue spend and optimize your users' behavior.

Centralized payments

Reduce your number of monthly invoices by an average 77%. Negotiatus invoices are also customizable, break spend down in the way that makes sense for your business, and import cleanly into any accounting system.

Budgeting & approvals

Create daily, weekly, or monthly budgets based on total spend, individual products, or product categories. Approve every order or just outliers, and save an average 5% by eliminating rogue and inefficient spend.

Purchasing as a service

Your dedicated account manager and Negotiatus’ support team will guide you through setup, assist with any issues, and advise on best practices and strategic sourcing to help you save time and money.

Save on orders

Place an average 50% fewer orders monthly by ordering across vendors. Gain access to preferential pricing to save on common purchases from office supplies to hardware and everything in between.

Easy implementation

It takes less than 10 minutes to learn how to use Negotiatus, and its user-friendly interface makes formerly complex processes like order tracking and approvals easy, fast, and accurate.

Analytics & actionable insights

See who’s spending what across every location, department, or employee. Get broad analyses or the granular details you need to save money and buy with confidence.
Negotiatus' 200+ customers see an average 8x ROI within their first year. Here’s what some them are saying…

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