Press Release: Negotiatus takes on investment from Stage 2 Capital to bring Its one catalog, cart, and invoice platform to the masses

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New York-based purchasing software company, Negotiatus, has partnered with Stage 2 Capital to accelerate growth and customer value creation.

After raising institutional capital in early 2018 led by 645 Ventures, Negotiatus expanded its product offering, adding functionality for mid-market and enterprise accounting and ERP systems while growing its vendor network by 10x.

With eyes on scaling sales efforts in 2019, Negotiatus sought to bring on experienced guidance with an expertise in sustainable growth and sales operations. "Stage 2 Capital stood out as the perfect partner for our growth given its leadership team and extensive network of LPs," says Tom Jaklitsch, who co-founded Negotiatus with Zach Garippa. Stage 2 Capital was co-founded by Jay Po, formerly VC at Bessemer, and Mark Roberge, formerly CRO at HubSpot, and is a venture capital fund focusing on sales, marketing, and customer success. "Mark Roberge literally wrote the book on sales acceleration. We've admired Mark and Jay's dedication to helping companies scale efficiently," Jaklitsch continues.

"Stage 2 has been hands-on from the beginning of our relationship," says Garippa, "they immediately provided a comprehensive assessment of our sales, marketing, and post-sales efforts, and helped put an actionable plan in place. It felt as if they had already been working with us for years."

When Garippa and Po started conversations in late 2018, it was clear there was alignment around the business direction. Po was quick to identify, "Negotiatus is one of those rare companies that offers value through both SaaS and payments. It's a multi-pronged approach to save customers time and money. Their customers love the product and Negotiatus is running fast to change the landscape of purchasing." As part of the evaluation process of the GTM motions, Roberge noted, "Negotiatus has established some important foundational steps for predictable, scalable revenue growth. They're ready to move forward and drive healthy growth." Already, Stage 2 has been leveraging its network of LPs to bring in experts with relevant experience and work closely with Negotiatus.

About Negotiatus

Negotiatus is a purchasing software company with the mission of empowering companies to make better and faster purchasing decisions. It offers one cart to place orders, one dashboard to control and analyze spend, and one invoice across the vendors a business purchases from. Negotiatus drives a 95% reduction in time to place, track, receive, and remit payment for an order. For more information, visit or email

About Stage 2 Capital

Stage 2 Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage B2B software companies, and sits shoulder-to-shoulder with management teams to operationalize sustainable revenue growth and sales operations. Backed by top go-to-market professionals from leading tech companies, Stage 2 leverages its deep sales expertise to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses, in addition to providing capital. The fund is led by Jay Po, Mark Roberge, and Jill Rowley. All inquiries should be directed to

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