Update From Our CEO

Negotiatus Co-Founder and CEO Zach Garippa provides an update on the COVID-19 situation and how Negotiatus is both adapting internally and helping clients navigate these unique times.

Personally and professionally, life doesn’t get much more hectic than this - and I know I’m certainly not alone in that sentiment.

As I’m writing this note, I’m also juggling texting between family, friends, and colleagues to make sure everyone is okay. My wife is sitting next to me in our New York apartment taking her reorientation seminar to join her nursing unit in Manhattan later this week. We’re both taking breaks to referee a tickle fight between our 75lb dog and our 11 month old son.

Everyone is forced to get accustomed to their own ‘new normal’, including the team at Negotiatus. As a company, we are working diligently to uncover our client’s most pressing needs and are partnering closely with each and every one of them to tackle their unique challenges. Negotiatus exists to help businesses save money, and we’re here to help companies achieve that end.

For our clients who are deemed essential businesses, we are working around the clock and in close partnership with vendors to maintain a consistent supply of gloves, sanitizers, masks, and other PPE to keep critical businesses open and essential workers safe.

For clients who have made the difficult yet necessary decision to close locations, we are working closely with their finance teams to delay vendor payment and reduce costs as surgically as possible. We are also working in tight alignment with operations teams to plan ahead for seamless transitions back into the workspace, including store/studio openings, vendor management, catalog control, and among other areas.

More broadly, Negotiatus remains committed to helping our community in any way we can:
We are working client by client and vendor by vendor to help delay payables and keep cash in our client’s bank accounts longer.
Negotiatus, and individual members of the team, are prepaying for client gift cards and contributing to their employee relief funds.
We are sourcing and sharing real-time employment opportunities with recently laid off employees in our network, including openings for full-time, part-time, and remote work.
We are acting as consultants for all things cost reductions and cost containments for those interested in best practices (we can do this at the industry level).

While our team understands we are not fighting on the front lines against COVID-19, it is inspiring to see everyone rally around the common goal of helping businesses navigate through this incredibly difficult and uncertain time.

Should you have any questions related to this note, or if there are other ways our team can help you right now, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team (hello@negotiatus.com) or me directly (zach.garippa@negotiatus.com).

Stay safe and healthy.


P.S. I will continue to use this forum more frequently to relay best practices and answer the many great questions we have been receiving.

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