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Press Release: Negotiatus Launches Smart Checkout to Help Businesses Make More Informed Purchasing Decisions

Implement a solution that provides an inherent structure while offering customizable features tailored to your business’ core needs.

Preparing Your Workplace For Reopening

Negotiatus Co-Founder and CEO Zach Garippa shares some top strategies to help your business be prepared for a successful reopening.

Renting scale

What is 'renting scale,' how have companies successfully leveraged it, and how is it related to purchasing?

Order exceptions? Handled!

Learn about Substitution preferences and Follow-up orders – two ways to deal with order exceptions on Negotiatus!

How to get the most out of your Negotiatus account

Having the keys to the car is one thing — but how do you become an expert driver?

Product Lists: Place recurring orders with ease

Feature Highlight: Product Lists allow you to plan and schedule recurring orders.