How to get the most out of your Negotiatus account

Having the keys to the car is one thing — but how do you become an expert driver?

Having the keys to the car is one thing — but how do you become an expert driver?

Whether you’re a seasoned Negotiatus user, a newcomer looking for some key tips, or a prospective customer wondering what kind of value our platform can provide, check out this list to help put your purchasing process into overdrive.

Link every vendor account you use
Five vendors means five separate orders, right? Not with Negotiatus. Link all your vendors for one-stop shopping. Our system does the work of optimizing which products get fulfilled at which vendors.

Here’s how to link vendors: On your dashboard, click “Add New Products” then “Link Vendor Accounts.” Input your criteria — and link! The platform will automatically import products from your purchase history at the price that vendor charges you.

Email a vendor to place orders? No problem. Tell your account manager and we’ll set up their products the same way for easy, ecommerce-like ordering.

Set budgets that update in real time
We all like to stay within budget, but know how hard that can be once users start shopping. With Negotiatus, you have the ability to set budgets by user, cost center, and product category.

Go to "Manage Organization" and click the "Approvals & Budgeting" tab. Once here you can click on any user or cost center and set the dollar amount, length of the budget period, and more. Purchasers will see their personalized budgets on their dashboards, which update live as orders are completed, and approvers can receive notifications if a user goes over budget.

Schedule one-time or recurring orders
Scheduled orders help put time back into anyone’s day and can be reviewed and controlled from each user’s dashboard. From the My Products (catalog) page, add products to a Product List.

Under “Product Lists”, the “Schedule” tab lets you set the frequency, address, payment method, and other details — and the order will be placed automatically going forward. Schedules can also be stopped and started at any time, so feel free to experiment!

Consult your Analytics page for top-down visibility
Getting your hands on your company’s spend has never been so fast and comprehensive.

Click “Analytics” to get multiple views of your organization’s spend across user, location, vendor, and much more, with all the data shown in real time. You can easily see which locations spent the most in a given timeframe or measure your top-ordered SKUs.

Need something more customized? Custom reports and accounting/GL codes can be configured to be sent alongside any Negotiatus invoice, so that the data imports perfectly into any accounting or finance system.

Want to see any of this in practice? Book a demo today!

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