Order exceptions? Handled!

Learn about Substitution preferences and Follow-up orders – two ways to deal with order exceptions on Negotiatus!

When placing orders it is inevitable that, at times, products will not be available for purchase from a particular vendor!

In our quest to provide the most supportive purchasing experience, we have until now been ‘splitting’ orders for our customers when any item has been unavailable for purchase. While this has allowed the platform to complete the purchase of available items in the original order while waiting for direction how to proceed with the unavailable items, the process can still be improved.

Today, we are moving away from split orders and are empowering our users to be in immediate control of addressing their order exceptions.

Substitution preferences

Each item in your catalog now has a Substitution preference which can direct Negotiatus to automatically source an equivalent item when processing orders!

The options include:
  • Always: Negotiatus will always look for a substitute to optimize for price and delivery
  • When unavailable: Negotiatus will only look for a substitute when that SKU is unavailable
  • Never: Negotiatus will cancel the item from the order if unavailable

  • Now, when an exception occurs with a product, Negotiatus will automatically look at your original vendor and related vendors in the industry for a suitable substitute! For more information on Substitution preferences visit our Support Center article.

    Follow-up orders

    When an order item is cancelled (e.g. when your Substitution preference is set to ‘Never’), any user with the appropriate permission can create a Follow-up order with a new temporary or permanent alternative product!

    From an order page, upon clicking ‘Create follow-up order,’ a new page will load with a listing for each cancelled order item in the original order. These items can be removed or a substitution’s URL can be provided. By default, this substitution product will be ordered for just this one follow-up order, and not added to your product catalog. To make the substitution permanent, select the ‘permanently substitute’ checkbox.

    For more information on Follow-up orders visit our Support Center article.

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