Product Lists: Place recurring orders with ease

Feature Highlight: Product Lists allow you to plan and schedule recurring orders.

Imagine you’re responsible for all of the purchasing to open a new location for your company. Sourcing all the required items, placing the orders, and tracking and receiving deliveries is an enormous undertaking – one that can easily involve tens of thousands of dollars with any mistake potentially having significant financial implications. Further, all business purchasers understand the pain and frustration of an office that is understocked with those essential items (like software developers without their Redbull, or worse yet, a restroom short on toiletries)!

Now imagine you are responsible for opening many locations as your business expands. (Congratulations!) Even with Negotiatus, selecting each item and the appropriate quantity needed for each store opening is a time-consuming process that previously required spreadsheets or other maintained lists. Now, with Product Lists, those spreadsheets are an artifact of the past!

Product Lists offer a way to build customized shopping lists for new store openings and many other reasons like company parties, weekly breakfast supplies, new employee onboardings, favorite products, or monthly snacks to name a few. They allow you to save groups of products you often order together and place the order with one click. You can add any product on your My Products page to a list and products can belong to multiple lists at once (e.g. both kitchen supplies & party supplies).

Many users have already created sets of products that are needed when a future event occurs (e.g. a party or a new hire joining) while others are creating lists of products to be ordered on a regular schedule. The Product List feature has been built to support both of these cases with ease – they can be scheduled for a future delivery once, be on a recurring scheduled order and collaborated on, or just saved to order easily when necessary.

Get started by clicking “Add to list” next to any product in My Products, or manage your lists from the Product Lists & Schedules page in your sidebar. For more information, read more in the Help Center.

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