Cutting purchasing time from 8 hours to 20 minutes

"The platform is a huge breath of fresh air."

Shaddiff Lopez-Garcia, Senior Operations Coordinator / North America Training Executive, Be Relax



Company size
11 USA/CA locations

Key metrics

Purchasing time saved

On-catalog spend compliance

Monthly consolidated invoices
660 to 1
Be Relax is an industry-leading global spa created in 2004 with one mission: to bring exceptional wellness experiences to travelers. Be Relax has 40 spa locations in 11 countries including the US and Canada.

The problem.

Our process was very manual.

Shaddiff Lopez-Garcia, Senior Operations Coordinator and North America Training Executive, explains how complex the purchasing process was without Negotiatus: "We originally had company credit cards that were used for larger purchases over a certain dollar amount. When managers needed supplies, they would purchase them and submit them for reimbursement. There would be 60 receipts for each location that were difficult for us to record and organize."

Shaddiff and her team also lacked a system to enforce the amount spent by each location: "We didn't have a way to properly enforce a set budget to make sure they weren't overspending – our process was very manual."

96% faster ordering.

The time savings has been a god-send.

With Negotiatus' single catalog and cart for all of Be Relax's ordering, the team quickly experienced dramatic performance gains. "The time savings has been a god-send," Shaddiff recalls, "Everything that they need is on the platform and they can just create their shopping cart and within 20 minutes they are already done. They don’t have to waste their time buying products from Staples, Target, and a nail supply store."

Negotiatus was also able to provide one invoice for all Be Relax spend instead of 60 per location per month, saving the operations and finance teams significant time entering, categorizing, and reimbursing employees.

Perfect spend compliance.

Everything is very tightly controlled and we don’t let them step outside those bounds unless for emergencies.

Shaddiff became able to control the purchasing process and standardize when and how orders are placed. "We tell general managers on Negotiatus to order their supplies between the first and the fifth of the month and we don't approve any others on the platform. Everything is now very tightly controlled and we don’t let them step outside those bounds unless it is for an emergency."

Negotiatus' consolidated catalog also enabled Be Relax to better control brand consistency, listing only items that locations were allowed to purchase. "There aren't 50 different types of nail polish to choose from," Shaddiff recalls, "Just the single approved type."

Finally, location spending became significantly easier to keep within budget. "There are set budgets per month per location which helps keep spending in line," Shaddiff says, "And I always use the reporting and analytics features to see where costs are going and explain to GM’s how to interpret their P&L’s and where they can cut down on costs."

Shaddiff summarizes: "The platform is a huge breath of fresh air."

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