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"Having a central database has definitely made ordering much easier."

Tim Rossi, Financial Controller, Mediaplanet





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Mediaplanet produces content marketing campaigns for thousands of clients with offices across the United States, Canada, and Europe, employing 500+ people globally. Tim Rossi is the Financial Controller for Mediaplanet in North America.


With 12 vendors, Mediaplanet struggled to streamline their purchasing. Tim recounts, "There were so many online retailers – that made budgeting and other processes difficult. We needed something more scalable."

Automatic savings.
We've saved 8.8% on our products.
Upon signing up for Negotiatus, Mediaplanet linked their vendor accounts, which ranged from food vendors like Freshdirect and Instacart to supplies and electronics vendors like Staples and Best Buy. Negotiatus consolidated the catalogs from each vendor onto their dashboard and gathered Mediaplanet's fulfillment preferences.

Tim's team benefited from the convenience of ordering from one system: "Everything is on Negotiatus. Having a central database has definitely made ordering much easier." In addition, Negotiatus' sourcing engine automatically looked for vendor and product substitutions to save money on each order, saving the Mediaplanet team an average 8.8% in addition to the time they previously spent comparing prices across vendors. Tim says, "It's amazing that we save time not having to compare prices, and have still realized considerable savings on the products we buy every day."
Budgeting that actually works.
We’ve been able to have much higher quality conversations around spending.
Mediaplanet took advantage of the budgeting and analytics features on Negotiatus. "We set budget limits across all our vendors," Tim recounts, "There wasn't a way to easily do this before."

Real-time analytics made visualizing spend much more attainable: "With Negotiatus, we’ve been able to have much higher quality conversations around spending, budgeting, and efficiency as we grow." Tim summarizes, "Negotiatus has brought efficiency to the whole process, from placing orders to controlling and analyzing them."

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