Dramatically reducing purchasing time to focus on other priorities

"Negotiatus has given me the time that I need to focus on other tasks at hand like customer care and affecting our bottom line."

Diane Kaye, Procurement Assistant, milk + honey



Company size
6 locations

Key metrics

Purchasing time saved
2.5 hours / location / week

Vendors automated

Line-level spend visibility
milk + honey is a spa and wellness company with six locations, offering massages, facials, waxing, body treatments, and a line of high-quality products. Diane Kaye, Procurement Assistant, is part of a team of two that manages purchasing and procurement across each location.

Drastic time savings.

My Monday’s were reserved for ordering and using Excel sheets all day.

With a fast-growing business and over 500 employees, Diane and her team struggled to place orders and track spend in a timely manner. Diane created numerous Google Sheets in an effort to manually organize her data, however this strategy resulted in the process of order placing and spend tracking taking full business days each week.

"We had a Google Sheet for each location," Diane recounts, "We had quite a few tabs on there and each tab would have anywhere from 50 to 200 SKUs, broken out in different categories like cleaning products, equipment, beverage station supplies, etc."

In the end, Diane found difficulty balancing her team's other responsibilities due to purchasing taking "all of Mondays and half of Tuesdays." She recounts how much they needed a change: "Mondays were almost like a shutdown – they were reserved for ordering and using the spreadsheets all day because we were manually going from a spreadsheet to a vendor's website to entering credit card information and repeating over and over again."

With one consolidated catalog, Diane's team experienced drastic time savings by ordering across vendors: "Our process is so much better," she says, "Ordering now takes minutes with everything in one place – I have my Mondays back! Negotiatus has given me the time that I need to focus on other tasks at hand like customer care and affecting our bottom line."

Increased visibility and control.

I can also see exactly what they are spending.

Training employees on a new system, especially one that includes controls like approvals and budgeting, is often a daunting task. For Diane, training new hires on Negotiatus is simple: "The training is really easy – it's very self explanatory and takes at most 15 minutes."

With her team on-boarded, milk + honey was able to take advantage of a formal approvals system: "I love approving orders. Every Monday I go to our 'Active Orders.' I just have to click on the order and I can see exactly what my users want to order from each vendor. I can see exactly what they're spending, and I know the budget – I just click 'Approve' or 'Reject.' It's all on one page."

Diane loves the powerful, user-friendly analytics interface, where she can “see exactly what the other employees ordered, as it is listed per vendor," she says, "I can also see exactly what they are spending. The transparency of ordering is right there.”

Give power to your purchasers and control to your C-Suite.

Instantly link vendor accounts and get up and running on Negotiatus in less than 24 hours.