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Streamlined purchasing for a 141 location physical rehabilitation network

“The time Negotiatus saves me is a priceless gift!”

Liz Windle, Facilities & Purchasing Coordinator, PRN




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Meet Liz Windle, Facilities & Purchasing Coordinator at PRN
With 140 locations (and counting!), over 25 local brands, and over 1200 teammates, Physical Rehabilitation Network (PRN) proudly supports our valued partners, employees, and physical therapy centers as they provide industry-leading care to patients across the country. As Facilities & Purchasing Coordinator, Liz oversees the purchasing for all 140+ clinics as well as ensuring PRN has the necessary infrastructure to maintain, acquire, and open additional clinics.
The Problem: Manual ordering was draining valuable time
Prior to using Negotiatus, PRN’s purchasing process was a huge time suck. Every two weeks, Liz was collecting purchase orders from EVERY individual location and manually placing the orders with each vendor. “This process was cumbersome and along with our company growth, my attention was needed in other areas,” Liz explains.
The Solution
Ease of use was an important deciding factor
PRN’s goal is to provide the best patient-centered treatment possible. To be able to continue operating at full capacity and providing essential health services through COVID, PRN knew they needed to revamp their purchasing process to free up employee time to focus on what matters most: their patients.

In August of 2020, PRN moved forward with Negotiatus to do just that. With the support of Negotiatus’ customer success team, PRN began rolling out the platform to each of its locations. Instead of Liz manually doing the purchasing for the entire organization, Negotiatus empowered each location to do it’s own purchasing.

Liz credits Negotiatus intuitive interface and ease of use to the successful roll-out. “When our centers started using the platform the overall feedback was, ‘this is so easy!’ Ease of use was an important deciding factor in using Negotiatus,” Liz explains.

In addition to using Negotiatus for purchasing, PRN also began leveraging the Consolidated Billing feature to simplify payments and closing the books at month’s end.
The Results
Negotiatus has also made it easier for our Accounts Payable team to manage our monthly spend.
Quick implementation and massive time savings

Since implementing Negotiatus, Liz has felt a huge impact not only on her own day-to-day work, but PRN as a whole. In her words, “having Negotiatus to manage our ordering has helped me evolve in my role with PRN because I have time to be able to assist our company in larger projects to grow our network of physical therapy centers. The time Negotiatus saves me is a priceless gift!”

Simplified AP process

In addition to the time saved on purchasing, Consolidated Billing has made a material impact on PRN’s Finance department as well. Liz notes, “Negotiatus has also made it easier for our Accounts Payable team to manage our monthly spend. Instead of tracking down endless purchase orders, we now get one single monthly invoice breaking down our spend by location.”

Cash savings

On top of all the time savings, between cash back and Negotiatus’ strategic sourcing, PRN is getting about $3,000 per month in cash savings. When you combine the hard cash savings with the time savings, it’s clear Negotiatus is “absolutely” having a positive impact on PRN.

Words of advice from Liz to those considering Negotiatus:

“You won’t regret it!”

Give power to your purchasers and control to your C-Suite.

Instantly link vendor accounts and get up and running on Negotiatus in less than 24 hours.