Forming a partnership through faster ordering, easier accounting, and dedicated service

“Your super-responsive, problem-solving mindset has helped us a lot.”

Sarah Richman, Operations Manager, SoulCycle




Company size
93 USA/CA locations


Key metrics


Vendors automated


Monthly consolidated invoices
1500 to 1


Monthly rewards earned

SoulCycle’s revolutionary approach to indoor cycling incorporates inspirational coaching and high-energy music to provide a full body-and-mind workout.
Sarah Richman began her SoulCycle career in the field managing individual locations and is now Operations Manager. As such, she has seen Negotiatus in action from the studio level to the corporate office.
The problems: decentralized ordering, complicated finances, and low visibility.
It was much more complicated.

Until a few years ago, purchasing at SoulCycle was managed between multiple vendor sites, with transactions occurring on each. Studio managers were jumping among “tons of portals,” each with its own rules, limitations, and logins — which also complicated training new hires and opening new locations.


Additionally, studios had to manually track spend across all these vendors to determine where they were in their monthly budgets. On the accounting side, payment reconciliation took more time, controlling spend was more challenging to enforce, and spend visibility was much less clear.


The situation, according to Sarah, “was much more complicated.”

One platform to replace dozens.
The ordering process became much, much easier.
Negotiatus’ standard features alone put a big dent in time spent on the operations front. One platform replacing dozens of vendor sites, the ability to fulfill orders with those vendors, and quick turnaround times all made an immediate impact in the studios.

On top of that, SoulCycle has wisely been taking advantage of more advanced features, like ordering to multiple locations from a single cart, or selecting substitution preferences that lead to greater cost-savings and strategic sourcing when products are out of stock.

In Sarah’s words, “the ordering process became much, much easier.”
Stronger finance reports and intuitive analytics.
I can now be self-sufficient.
Payments-wise, studios were buying with credit cards, so reporting on expenses took somewhere around “five to six hours a month,” Sarah remembers. “Now I submit one consolidated invoice a month for the whole company.”

In addition, managers have immediate access to spend data through easy-to-understand reports. “The Analytics page is super visual and easy to engage with,” says Sarah, so that studio managers can see their spending trends without needing high-level Excel or finance knowledge. By arming studios with this knowledge and clear visibility, managers are now able to spend less than their budgeted amounts while minimizing the time used for these efforts.

Plus, timing is everything. “My favorite feature as the manager of the platform,” Sarah notes, “is that I can be self-sufficient — meaning able to add products, users, or locations on my own. I can also get a report without waiting for someone to provide me with the data. 90% of the things I need to do, I’m able to do in the moment.”
“Super impressive” customer service.
The team takes a lot off our hands.
Sarah had known that Negotiatus had a Support team, but seeing it in action really showed how much it could come in handy. “Customer service has been super impressive. Whether handling refunds, missing items, or product adds, the team takes a lot off our hands because we don’t have to resolve those issues ourselves anymore.”

Overall, Negotiatus’ “super-responsive, problem-solving mindset,” according to Sarah, has “really made a significant impact on the business.”

That approach has fit very well with SoulCycle’s fast-paced growth and commitment to excellence, and today the revolutionary brand uses Negotiatus not just as a service but “a partner who we love working with.”

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