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Nick Staples, CEO, Zenergy

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Zenergy provides a cycling workout designed to strengthen the body, heart, and mind while burning maximum calories.

CEO Nick Staples founded Zenergy in 2015 and has created an atmosphere where people could, in his words, “clip into the bike and out of the rest of the world.” More recently, Nick has brought that sense of clarity to his internal team by implementing Negotiatus.

The problem.
I don’t know how we were doing this before Negotiatus.
Before using the platform, “there was no way” for Nick and his employees to easily track packages or gain insights into spend patterns. Ordering from multiple vendors across multiple websites was taking its toll on how effectively teams could communicate.

“I don’t know how we were doing this before Negotiatus,” Nick remembers. “Essentially, we weren’t ‘doing it.’” Needless to say, Nick and company wanted to reclaim their valuable time and organize their ordering processes.
Fast launch and faster ordering.
Extremely easy. Extremely efficient.
Fortunately, activating a Negotiatus account was a very straightforward move. “We were on the platform in a day,” Nick recalls. When it came time to train others, Nick and his Negotiatus representative “taught managers how to use it in less than an hour.” Because reporting stock levels and requesting orders had been done via “pen and paper”—by writing orders by hand then sending pictures of those handwritten orders to colleagues to approve and purchase—folks found “the simplicity of being able to order everything at one time” on a uniform online platform “extremely easy” and “extremely efficient.”

Speaking as a CEO specifically, Nick explains, “my favorite feature is being able to approve and see orders in one place.”
Expand to more locations in just a few clicks.
The status quo wasn’t feasible.
Zenergy is a business in high-growth mode, and with four active studios and 15 additional ones planned, the additional logistical complexity seemed daunting. “It was nearly impossible to keep up with the growth we have planned,” Nick says, “and the status quo wasn’t feasible.”

Negotiatus features like shareable Product Lists, one-click ordering, and the ability to ship to multiple locations from one shopping cart made new studio openings a significantly more manageable endeavor.
Extremely happy managers.
We’re loving everything about the platform.
“When our managers place orders, they are extremely happy at how fast things get done — how fast orders come in, how fast they get confirmation.”

“No matter what field you’re in,” Nick explains, Negotiatus “saves time immensely and keeps you organized. Those two things alone—if you’re really in business to help your company, then time and organization are two massive things to be on the lookout for.”

In short, says Nick, “we’re loving everything about the platform.”

Give power to your purchasers and control to your C-Suite.

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