Case studies
Negotiatus unlocks savings, data & efficiencies for $310M law firm
Negotiatus guarantees $68K in savings for a national spa & wellness franchise

One of the Best Decisions We've Made - Stephanie, Administrative Assistant, Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa
“The decision to work with Negotiatus to simplify ordering for multiple spas was one of the best decisions we have made. Not only are we lowering costs, but the website is user-friendly and time-saving. The team at Negotiatus provides excellent customer service and are always available to assist with any questions.”


Ruthlessly Efficient - Jimmy, Owner, Crossfit Solace
“The team at Negotiatus was such a delight to work with. We could not believe the level of customer service and attention to detail when dealing with our negotiations. They were ruthlessly efficient and the user experience is outstanding. Not to mention they saved us a ton of money.”


Dedication and Diligence - Paul, Manager, ISlide
"I was extremely impressed with their dedication and diligence. It is amazing how much we have been able to save over the past 6 months. We are excited to have Negotiatus in our corner for years to come."


Efficiency at Its Finest - Morgan, Studio Manager, RYDE
"Negotiatus came at the perfect time for RYDE. The amount of time we were spending searching for the best deals was all-consuming. Now, with Negotiatus, it is a one-stop order and we are saving money. Then, to go above and beyond, my account manager is always readily available with answers to all my questions."


Incredibly Impressed - Cameron Smith, Founder, SquirrelBox Storage
"I was incredibly impressed by the Negotiatus team as they helped me source some critical items for my business. They were attentive to my unique situation and very responsive to my numerous emails and phone calls. They're an ally in trying to find the best possible price and they back their work with tremendous customer support. I'll be working with them more and more as our business grows."


So Easy - Valerie Ormond, Chief Executive Officer, Veteran Writing Services
"Negotiatus makes buying for my business so easy, with everything in one place; I highly recommend it. I've saved both time and money, and my account manager has been fantastic to work with."


Makes My Job Easier - Kathy, Purchasing, PetFlow
"Before, I would have to go from site to site looking for deals for each item and it was quite time consuming. With Negotiatus I just have to go to one place. All my previous orders and savings are right there, and ​they​ take care of all the bargaining for me. Thank you, Negotiatus, for making my job easier and saving my company money in the process!"


Save with the Click of a Button - Martin, Assistant Manager, Mile High Run Club
"It's very simple: We appreciate Negotiatus for their high level of quality in customer service they provide to us! You have really made it easy for us to keep our inventory fully stacked with just a click of a button. We are extremely satisfied with the amount of time and most importantly money we save by using your services. Keep up the great work!!!"