One place to purchase across all your vendors, services, and subscriptions.

Make it easier to buy the things you need, while gaining a level of visibility and control across all of your vendors you didn’t think was possible

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Give your teams a better way to purchase today!

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Streamline the entire purchasing process

Negotiatus gives finance and operations teams one platform to place orders, manage vendors and approve purchases across all vendors, services, & subscriptions — everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rather than dull the pain for operations, procurement, finance, and accounting teams, Negotiatus looks to fully alleviate it by creating a world where data-driven decisions are more accessible to everyone.  More than just purchasing software, Negotiatus provides one unified, user-friendly platform to streamline the entire P2P process, eliminating the need for manual processes and unnecessary tech stacks.  The result is tangible cost savings and improved business processes measurable in days and weeks, not months and years.

Simplify and streamline your purchasing process today